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Dark Circles under the eyes

Dark Circles under the eyes are an annoying problem for many people… Here’s what to do about them…

Dark circles are often caused due to sleeplessness or disturbed sleep. If you find yourself developing dark circles, you need to first catch up on your sleep. Genetics too could predispose you to developing dark circles.

Other factors causing dark under-eye circles include:

  • Drinking an excess of beverages that contain caffeine.
  • Smoking
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid problems
  • A lack of iron in your body during menstruation. This often contributes to dark circles, which is why some women have a tendency to develop dark circles during their period.

First of all, try and figure out the reason you have developed dark circles. Have you always had them? Are they a recent occurrence? Does your mother have dark circles under the eyes as well? Once you can pinpoint the cause for dark circles, it would be much easier for you to get rid of them.

This is not an overnight project. But if you work at it…stay with it…there is a good chance you will be successful. Since there are several reasons why one can have dark circles, so you will have to work with the complete list below to see what may be causing yours.

* Dark circles under the eyes are often related to “toxicity” in the body. Detoxification of the body, especially the liver, could be helpful. I try to stay away from “pushing” our own products but you may swallow a capsule of cod liver oil everyday. It strengthens eyes.

* You need to get more circulation going in the dark circle areas: Lightly tap, with one or two fingers, on and around these areas a few times a day. This will help stimulate needed circulation. Moreover, if you improve your nutritional intake, this tapping will also bring richer blood to these tiny blood vessels. You could also applied used, cold, herbal tea leaves to your eyes, to sooth them.

* Use a rich Eye Cream to nourish these delicate tissues at night. Apply creams that contain Vitamin C.

*Apply cucumber juice to your dark circles. Make sure the juice is fresh. You will need to cut a couple of fine slices, and squeeze them to get the juice. Don't remove the skin. Wash off after around ten minutes. You can even leave it on overnight if you will not be applying any other undereye cream.


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