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Shinsen Royal Jelly




Pure Royal Jelly



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FDA Certified
Shinsen RJ Approved By
-Thai FDA Registration no.
-Korea FDA Registration no.
D2007 1004D4
-Singapore AVA Verified


GMP Certified




Pure & Fresh Royal Jelly
Shinsen Fresh Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly Capsules
Shinsen Royal Jelly Capsules


Shinsen Pure Fresh Royal Jelly Fresh Royal Jelly

100% Pure and freshly harvested Royal Jelly, contained all natural essential richness to human life. Vibrant and Younger look naturally...

Royal Jelly is a substance secreted by worker bees and food to bee larvae. Every newborn bee gets to eat royal jelly for the first three day of their lives, then they can be fed other food. But the queen bees have the privilege of eating royal jelly for their entire lives. This diet behavior helps make the queen the biggest bee in the hive (when she is fully grown, her weight is double that of the worker bees). Moreover, with royal jelly, the queen bees can lay about 3,000 eggs a day during a season and can live up to 7 years; while worker bees can live for only 60-90 days.

Royal jelly is a milky white substance with sour smell and a little spicy flavor. It contains a lot of nutrition as follows; protein 12%, sugars 12%, fats 6% and vitamins A, C, D, E and B Complex, especially vitamin B5 that is plenty in royal jelly. The essential substance is 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid), which its properties cannot be found in the other type of natural food because it is anti-bacterial. Besides, it is founded insulin like substance in royal jelly and the other useful hormones and enzymes including nucleic acids RNA, DNA and gelatin.

Also, fresh royal jelly supplies many minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur, as well as the eight amino acids essential to human life.

All the above mentioned, vitamins and minerals have the following health benefits:

- Effective for treating or relieving symptoms of anorexia, arthritis , gout and atherosclerosis
- Helps regenerate bone, tissue, muscle growth and the nervous system
- Stimulates the immune system to fight viral and bacterial infection
- Reduces flu and cold symptoms
- Helps lower blood lipids and cholesterol
- Improves memory and mental functions
- Promotes sexual energy and vitality
- Helps slower the aging process
- Benefits to skin, hair and nails

Medical Research

Many scientists all over the world are interested in the benefits of royal jelly. As wee can see from the medical report, it confirms that the use of royal jelly can cure some illnesses, for example:

- Dr. Destrem (1956), gave 134 elderly (aged between 70 and 75), anorexic, depressed and patients with low-blood pressured royal jelly. After taking it only 6 times, these patients became stronger. It has been claimed that 20 mg injected every second day helped improve on all accounts and 20 mg taken orally every second day helped improve general condition, increase weight, appetite, RBC and hemoglobin.

- Dr.Sarrouy and his team (1956), fed royal jelly to children who severely lacked of nutrition. It was found that they gained weight and looked much healthier, with twinkling eyes and rosy cheek.

- Dr. Chauvin (1957), reported the experiment of feeding royal jelly to neurotics, low blood pressured and exhausted subjects. It showed that after taking a limit amount of royal jelly, the patients recovered noticeably from the ailments. They were able to eat better, their blood pressure turned into normal, and neurotical symptoms disappeared.

- Dr. Borgia et al (1984), studied chronic metabolism with a mixture of royal jelly, honey and ginseng. He concluded that royal jelly yielded improvements in weight gain and psychological conditions along with changes to blood characteristics.


SHINSEN Royal Jelly is freshly harvested and 100% pure that does not contain any food preservative. It is stored in freezer at -18 to -23 deg C immediately after harvest to maintain its freshness. It is later sample lab tested for its quality and ensured free of Chloramphenicol or any harmful agent.

Shinsen Royal Jelly is packed in Fresh and Freeze dried-Lyophilized form with both are further lab tested by LCFA (Lab for Food and Agricultural Products) having 10-hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid (10-HDA) of 5.18g per 100g, approximately 5.2 %.

Shinsen Fresh Royal Jelly is more bio-active than the Lyophilized form (freeze dried) however the later (Lyophilized form) is highly concentrated and pure with extract equivalent to 260g Fresh. For those with weak Stomach is advisable to take Fresh Royal Jelly as its easily absorbable.

Shinsen quality assurance ensures all processes with full conformity to international stringent standards of GMP<Good Manufacturing Practice>, HACCP, ISO 9001 and attained certification from FDA and HALAL.

Harvest Fresh Royal Jelly
Harvest Fresh Royal Jelly

Packing Fresh Royal Jelly
Packing for Storage

Storage of Fresh Royal Jelly
Fresh Royal Jelly Stored
at -18 to -23 deg C


Shinsen Fresh Royal Jelly comes in 250g packaging and the Lyophilized (Freeze Dried) Royal Jelly in 60 caps per bottle.

Fresh Royal Jelly has a yellowish color sour smell and to be taken once per day before food with 1 – 2 teaspoon, it will be easier to take with warm water or mix with honey due to the sour taste. You could also apply it onto facial area or body as mask and wash off after 30 mins or click here for our Royal Jelly Face Mask.

Royal Jelly Capsules to be taken 2 caps per day, preferably 2 before food in the morning.

Note that Fresh Royal Jelly must be stored frozen in order to maintain freshness and it will be deliver with cooler foam via express mail, also it’s not returnable or refundable due to its sensitiveness.


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