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MFIII VP Plus Cert












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MFIII VP Plus - Vegetal Placenta
MFIII Swiss Vegetal Placenta

MFIII Dermacenta™ (vegetal placenta) with stem cell extraction methodology, a substitute to animal & human placenta

MFIII of Switzerland has a long standing history in specialized Research & Development of cellular and placenta-based nutritional supplements. Combining over 80 years of top-level strategy experiences with specialized knowledge in cellular therapy, stem cell extraction and the latest ultra-filtration technology, MFIII delivers the ultimate lasting solution to your well being – VP Softgels Advanced Formula (aka VP Plus), total regeneration from within.

Similarly to mammals, plants do have embryos. The plant placenta stem cells are the master cells. They are located at the growing tip of the plant shoot of the apical meristem. Plants maintain small pools of stem cells to continuously provide the precursors of more-specialized cells to sustain growth or to replace tissues. Dermacenta is prepared using VP stem cell extracts and tissue from bud plants at their early stages of life.

Extracted from cell culture of a special rare species of Non-GMO (non genetically modified) plant, Dermacenta is rich in Amino Acid particularly Alanine and Proline. It is hydrolised by enzymes and bio-stimulins, acting as authentic bio-activator to stimulate growth cells in mimicking the body’s response to ageing and skin damage the natural way.

Dermacenta (vegetal placenta or VP in short), the highly bioactive vegetal placental ingredient found in VP Softgels Advanced Formula is the scientific substitute for human or animal placenta as it offers the same efficacy and results. They are particularly noted to have similarity in amino acid content acting as bio-activator for natural skin development, thus revitalizing cells naturally. Dermacenta regenerates and invigorates the skin, enhances the release of stem cells in our body, stimulates cell renewal, improves oxygen supply in our cells and increases protein synthesis in our skin to maintain its radiance and youthfulness. The powerful properties also strengthen skin cells against premature photo-ageing and chronological ageing; thus, concluding the perfect rejuvenated, revitalized and regenerated skin.

Studies conducted in the Dermatology Department of Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon, France show visible improvement in dry, scaly and flaky skin due to illness or ageing. Moreover, vivo tests have shown there is an optimum tolerance to vegetal placenta extract. In an internal physiological scientific study conducted on human volunteers, the cellular regeneration was measured by the DHA method: The disappearance of the skin's artificial color allows the measurement of exfoliation rate and corneocytes (hard protective skin cells) turnover. After using the product, diluted at 50%, for 11 days the cellular turnover has been increased by minimum 26%.

Tests were conducted on a group of healthy, female volunteers with age ranging from 40 to 65 years old, exhibiting clear signs of improvements in wrinkle reduction, skin softness, hydration, smoothness and firmness.

MFIII VP Effectiveness

MFIII VP Benefits

MFIII VP Plus has similar effects as MFIII PE Plus but is of 100% vegetable based, extracts from young Soy Plant, cater for those who are or prefer vegetarian. After consumption of 2 to 6 boxes (depending on individual life style) of MFIII VP, you can begin to feel and enjoy the followings

-Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

-Regenerated cells, tissues and organs

-Improvement in the immune system

-Younger, more Vibrant looks and Firmer Body

-Lightening of Facial pigmentation

-Refining of Facial pores and smoother skin

-Decrease risk of heart diseases and cancer

-Decrease serum concentrations of cholestrol and triglycerides


Stages in Embryo Development

Vegetal Embryo stages

MFIII VP Plus Softgels underwent the most stringent quality control
-Comply fully with the required EC-cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), the highest GMP status in manufacturing.

-Meet the specific requirements of qualified responsible Chemists, Pharmacists and Quality controllers.

-Certified by high quality standards of ISO 14001, TQM (Total Quality Management), HACCP, SOP (Practical Application of Systems Documentation), FDA compliance, Eurocerta certification, Swiss SIS & SCES certification, Swiss IMO’s Non GMO and Halal certification

-Passed LD toxicity test on Liver & Health which is deemed the "Gold Testing Standard" in measuring the acute systemic toxicity of a product which is safe for consumption

Each MFIII VP Plus box consist of 30 Soft gel Capsules (1780mg) to be taken daily (one capsule) half hour before meal, preferably before breakfast. For more information on MFIII Capsules, please view Product Information.


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